Things I’ve learned this week:

1. Twitter remains a mystery to me. I don’t understand why people are following me. Don’t you people know I’m boring? I’m an attorney, for heaven’s sake!

2. Twitter pitch contests are a good way to meet other writers and possibly pick up a critique partner. Also, watching the contest feed will drive you to new levels of fear and joy, particularly the teasers. Make sure you have wine or chocolate handy. Or both.

3. If you’re in the process of writing THE DREADED QUERY LETTER and you’re not following Query Shark’s blog and twitter feed, you are missing out. Big time. Here is the link. Thank me later.

4. Writer’s Digest University is pretty awesome. I’ve attended two webinars this month and found them highly informative.

5. Rejection letters sting, but the pain is temporary. Learn what you can and move on. It just takes one YES!

Happy Friday,

A. Writer

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